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Verónica is a film directed by Paco Plaza with Pablo Rosso´s photography.

A complex project from a lighting perspective, as its presence in the genre of horror has a significant influence on the narrative.

From a solar eclipse effect with a curtain of 12x6m to producing a simulation of ambulance and police car lights recreated by Wash Led Robotics.

Several blocks of buildings were adapted for the recording of different scenes.

Three electrogenic groups, laser machines, incandescent street lighting (Frenel) and using robotics from the rooftops (BMFL Blade) to light up the sides of the buildings were used as a basis for many of the scenes of the film.

Pablo Rosso managed to combine traditional cinema lighting (HMI) with spectacular lighting (Robotics) BMFL and Wash Led Robotics, which ensured that both technologies worked harmoniously together.

There is a great team behind this amazing achievement, Antonio Campos, Rubén Guzmán, Vicente Vaya, Fernando Canelón and Carlos Muñoz.


25 Oct 2017

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