Me lo dices o me lo cantas

Me lo dices o me lo cantas

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On the 25th July last, Mediaset premiered “Me lo dices o me lo cantas”. We are very grateful to this television network for putting their faith in us.
In record time, Blanca Ricoy and her team (Inma, Flor and Ana) in charge of the scenography, put together an exceptional stage.

Her lighting designer José Manuel Manzanares, who counts on for a large selection of equipment, all of them from the latest generation, such as 34 Nexus, which provides the continuity between scenography and video, 22 Robe BMFL Spot provides a wide range of light beams and textures effects within the designs of each musical piece, 31 Mytos, 62 Mac Quantum Wash to taint the stage and audience with colour, 70 Robe Pointe to form light beams and 39 Robe BMFL Blade to light up the stage and the audience.

All this equipment in combination creates an extraordinary chromatic design.
Together with this is our talented technical team formed by Oscar Jiménez, Javier Perea, Carmelo Martín, Cesar Sánchez, David Terrón, Roque Robles, Irene Navascues, José Luis Beltrán, Juan Carlos Martínez, Daniel Mosteiro, Marta Fernández, Oscar Arias and José Cervera.

30 Jul 2017

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