Kinolux, the cinema division of Cinelux is born.

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Kinolux, the new division of Cinelux, specializing in film light-ing, has just been launched.

After 25 years of activity Cinelux undertakes a strong commitment to recover its founding principles as a lighting service provider for film and publicity.

With the challenge of establishing ourselves as a real bench mark in solving technical and personnel matters, we aim to work shoulder to shoulder with production companies, direc-tors of photography, gaffers, lighting technicians and in general, professionals in the film world who aspire to establishing a mutually supportive and collaborative relationship.

This new division will work independently within Cinelux, both with regard to its operation and physical space. It will have specific staff, headed by Enric Millet, in Barcelona and Juan García, in Madrid with the support of Sonia Aranguren, General Manager of Cinelux Barcelona and Yolanda Martínez, Commercial Director of Cinelux Madrid.

As well as offering a personalized consultancy service, Kinolux brings with it important financial investment in new technology through the acquisition of the latest equipment, such as the new Arri – M range, which incorporates the M-90, M- 60, M -40, M- 18 and M-800, with its new high speed ballast lights.

With as much enthusiasm as the desire to contribute, Kinolux is certain it will establish itself as a trusted service provider to light up the future of the film industry.

05 Jun 2014

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