GH Revolution

GH Revolution

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Mediaset once again counts on us for this project.

Juan Arquero mixes the use of equipment perfectly such as Scenius Profile (with a CRI 92), Robin 600 Wash Led, Robe BMFL Wash Beam, Robe BMFLSpot and the Robe Pointe, all of which works together perfectly.

He changes conventional light (Fresnel5KW-2Kw) for a new LED equipment such as L-10C, L-7C, Sky Panel (Arri), enabling him to play with colour temperatures and to reduce consumption by more than 30%. We believe, as does Juan Arquero, that this is the future of lighting.

“Thank you Juan for taking risks with these new technologies”

Thank you to the technical team: Óscar Jimenez with the Catalyst; Eduardo Cueto as the Blackatrax Technician; and Javier Perea as the Table and Robotics Technician.


15 Oct 2017

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