To be predictable inspires trust
And to be trustworthy reassures people to work with us

Joaquín García, founder Cinelux.


The high quality of people who have been working for many years in Cinelux is our key success factor.

We share the love of a job well done with the best professionals in their given fields, each giving our best to make the client shine out.

We are a committed and well consolidated expert team that applies not only know-how but also heart to each and every project, be it large or small.

We are equally proud to have excellent supplier relations as a necessary part of a successful project.


Joaquín García, founder Cinelux, in 1988.
Joaquín García, founder Cinelux, in 1988.

Our values

> Technical capabilities and, above all, human skills.
> Passion for a job well done, and for hard-work.
> Give more to the customer than requested, contributing with the maximum in each project.
> Critical outlook to improve our work on a daily basis.
> Reliability and commitment.
> Sincerity, dedication, always looking to grow.
> Ability to carry out and manage simultaneous projects.
> Appreciate people’s efforts.


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